The Loamy Brew

Bringing the essence of Assam to your homes now

Exploring Culture

"Bihu" signifies harvest time!

Enriching soil

We cultivate our tea in rich loamy soil

worldwide heritage

The rich heritage of Assam is known worldwide

Empowering Women

Assam tea gardens employ the majority of women

At your doorstep in 2-4 days

Ships in 24 hours. Delivers

From the foothills of the Assam

No middlemen. No auction houses. No exporters

Whole leaf, highest tea grade

Pure indian single estate tea

Loamy Brew Tea

Premium Leaf Tea

The best way to relive happy memories is with a cup of tea. What could be better than infusing your tea with the calmness, beauty, and alluring flavours of Assam? The malty flavor and a rich, savory aroma of Loamy Brew make every sip worth it.

Assam Tea

Enriched with the goodness of Assam, our Assam tea leaves are infused with the richness of Indian flavours for your cup of tea.

Green Tea

A delicate and complex sense of character will be at the core of your morning routine now with our loose-leaf organic green tea.

Herbal Tea

Nothing better than incorporating health-promoting properties with a cup of tea in your daily regime that boosts immunity in you.

Darjeeling Tea

The champagne of teas, no wonder they are called that. These Darjeeling teas exude delicate flavors and aromatic aromas to tea.

Elaichi/Cardamom Tea

Experience the assorted fragrant citrusy, flowery, and sweet flavour of Elaichi with our specially curated Elaici/Cardamom tea.

Black pepper tea

The hot pipping cup of black pepper tea from our vast range is all you need to have for prevention from cold and flu in winters

Clove Tea

In addition to its aroma and flavour, clove spice is used for its health benefits and medicinal properties and infused in tea.

Cinnamon Tea

With the perfect amount of antioxidants and sweet flavors in our powerful beverage, you will be able to get relief from cramps.

Kesar Tea

Fresh from the lush green gardens of Assam comes this unique blend of tea known for its rich, authentic, & pure flavor of kesar.

Classic Assam Black Tea

Our classic Assam tea is a tea lover's delight for rainy days filled with an amber hue that stirs up a delightful cup of tea.

Black Tea

With the health benefits
of black tea and the taste to keep you intact, our black tea will keep you fit on the inside and out.

Organic Tea

Organic tea is delightful to sip and spill, isn't it? We offer you fresh and organic Assam tea delivered straight to
your door.

Lemon Tea

Grating lemon zest into your tea can add a wide range of vitamins and minerals to your diet to kickstart your mornings freshly.

Assam masala chai

This blend of organic Assam tea and spices includes ginger, cardamom, bay leaf and clove making a strong Assam masala chai tea.

Punjabi masala chai

To make your tea khaas, we have infused it with the flavour of vivid Punjab with the perfect blend of Indian spices and herbs!

Ginger tea

Tea that touches the soul and enhances any mood or season, that's what our ginger tea will do to you every time you sip on it.

Oolong tea

Traditional Chinese tea is oolong tea. Camellia sinensis, the same plant that produces green and black teas, is used to make tea.

Black cardamom tea

Black cardamom's strong flavor is smokier, and its fragrance is characterized by a refreshing aroma and minty undertones in tea.

Fennel seeds tea

A tea made from fennel seeds is an excellent digestive cleanser because it is aromatic and warms the intestines at the same time.

Mix tea

Sip on a cup of tea quite rich in antioxidants and Indian spices. With this tea, you and your guests will smiles from ear to ear.

Rose tea

The essence of rose tea is to make it from whole rose petals or blossoms. Rose tea is largely caffeine-free but full of love.

How Loamy Brew Tea

helps us?

Several health benefits are associated with the nutritional contents of tea. At this point, we will concentrate on five benefits of Loamy Brew that are also scientifically proven.

Promotes overall health , Regulates high blood pressure, Enhances mental alertness , Helpful for diabetes , Helps in weight loss etc.

The Black Tea by Loamy Brew

The Black Loamy Brew is much preferred by people who like their tea to be strong. Starting the day with strong tea keeps you energised throughout the day.

Assam is the source of many popular black teas, including the English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast.
The state of Assam is located on the banks of the Brahmaputra River. Chinary and Assamica tea plants thrive in the region's hot, humid conditions, which provide a greenhouse effect.

What People Are Saying?

Nitin Mehta Local shop owner

"Totally in awe of their Assam tea and would recommend everyone around me to at least try it once. Definitely worth buying. "

Jitesh Yadav Local shop owner

"I was looking for herbal tea so that I can work on my immunity and very delighted to say that their herbal tea is really amazing and has been really helpful for me."

Since Year 1999

Loamy Brew Tea

Loamy Brew Tea was founded in 1999 with the vision of providing organic and pure tea leaves straight from the farms to your teacups. Delivering the freshness and zayka of Assam right to your doorstep infused with hand-picked tea leaves. The Loamy Brew system eliminates the need for middlemen or exporters. As part of our company's mission to provide premium quality product, we are empowering female farmers from tea gardens and recognizing their devotion to this industry.

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Tea Grades

The famous Tippy Tea of Assam is produced during the month of June. Generally it has a sweet tint to it and that's why it is admired more among other savory flavour teas. Loamy Brew estates are well-suited to the cultivation of both organic and CTC tea varieties; the Loamy Brew estates produce both kinds of tea. Assam produces oolong and green teas as well. There are several types of tea available in Assam, including whole leaf, broken leaf, fannings, and dust teas.

Loamy Brew Tea

Fresh, organic, and premium quality tea leaves at your doorsteps straight from the Tea Gardens of Assam.

Handpicked Tea Leaves

The flavor and aroma are much sweeter and smoother of handpicked tea leaves than tea trimmed by machine.

Fresh Flavours

With our fresh tea leaves, you can eliminate the bitter taste of tea & make other refreshing drinks too.

Precisely chosen

Every tea leaf we deliver provides health benefits that increase the meri of every sip with good quality.